Dublin Rising tells the stories of three women from vastly different socio-economic backgrounds, who’s lives are up-ended by the one-week easter rebellion.  Nellie is the owner of a Dublin brothel, and the head of an underground spy network.  She allows her place of business to be used as a meeting place for a small rebel unit, under the leadership of a female commander, Josephine Moore.  Brigid, an educated middle-class woman and the wife of an Irish officer, supports the revolution financially and writes for an Irish nationalist newspaper.  Meagan is an unwed teenage mother who has been condemned to a cloistered life under the supervision of nuns.  Her brother fights in the revolution, and promises to free her someday.  These three woman’s lives will be forever changed by the events of Easter week 1916.

Featuring: Krishna Alexandra, Lorien Patton
Backing Vocals: Sam Owen, Krishna Alexandra

Featuring: Gavin Vinta, Ashlee Grubbs
Backing Vocals: Sam Owen, Joanne Grubbs, John Wennstrom, Krishna Alexandra

Featuring: Lana Reeves

All Instruments played by Pierre Grill
Recorded at Rendez-Vous Recording in Honolulu, Hawaii
With additional recording at
Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn, New York
& Brandon Millares Recording in Las Vegas, Nevada
Mixing and Mastering by Pierre Grill at Rendez-Vous Recording